Why you should use a repricer when selling on Amazon

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What is a repricer when selling on Amazon?

A repricer is a tool that you can use to automatically reprice your items to stay competitive against other sellers on the same product listing. More chances than not you will be on a listing with at least one other seller. In order to have a good volume of sales, you will want to be priced where you will win the buy box.

Winning the buy box is the way the majority of sales are sold and winning this is vital. If another seller prices their products under you even for a penny less then they could win the buy resulting in you not having any/many sales.

How does a repricer work?

There are many types of repricers such as Bqool, GoAura, SellerSnap, and many others. When utilizing these tools, you will input your cost of goods (COGs) and the min/max price you want to sell the product for. By inputting this information, you will be able to easily maintain the margins you like to stay within. Some sellers are willing to go down to 10% ROI while others don't want to go under 25% or higher. By inputting these vital pieces of information, you can get a personalized selling model that works for you!

So the main question is how do repricers work and we are here to answer that!

When you are on a listing and another seller reduces their price under yours, it's likely depending on their fulfillment method that they will win the buy box. When this occurs, a repricer will go reduce their price under them automatically. This saves you time from constantly checking and changing the price of the items manually. These repricers change automatically so changing your price when you see someone is under you could be a waste of your time since these tools work so quickly.

If you have a good repricer then it will not force the price of the product to continue to go down. Premium tools such as SellerSnap allow for you to reprice upwards while not losing the buy box! Although these tools are very good, it might be out of a lot of people's budgets since they cost $500/month! If you are a beginner, you should utilize tools such as Bqool that have a monthly fee as low as $25 a month which is well worth it due to the increase in sales you will see! The tool will pay itself off especially if you have at least 10 SKUs! As you scale up your business, you can look for the more premium tools because your profit month to month will be much higher then it was as a beginner!

Did you feel informed about what a repricer is?

There is a lot of moving parts when it comes to a repricer and although we cannot cover everything within this blog, we tried to touch on the key aspects. With that being said, we have a discord with over 106k people who are selling on amazon just like yourself! Come into our discord and ask any questions to people in our community or our staff! We are here to help completely for free! That is why Tidal Market is the best FREE Amazon discord group!




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