Where Can I Buy a Sneaker bot?

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Sneaker botting has become more popular over time. Being able to purchase a sneaker bot safely is something that everyone wants to feel confident doing. There are many ways you can purchase a sneaker bot and we will give you the breakdown below!

Tidal Marketplace

Tidal Market is a marketplace that was designed to ensure that anyone looking to get involved in the sneaker bot scene has a safe place to trade without getting scammed. They have a middleman service that ensures both the buyer and seller do not get scammed when trading the products. This marketplace was founded in 2018 as a small discord server. Since then it has grown into this very large marketplace with over 100k members that are actively trading their software! Not only does tidal have an amazing discord marketplace, but it also has both an online bot rental site and a bot buying site. If there is one marketplace that we recommend you to trade through… It’s Tidal Market!

  1. Discord: https://discord.gg/tidal

  2. Rental site: https://tidalmarket.com/

  3. Bot buying site: https://bots.tidalmarket.com/

Bot Broker

Bot Broker is one of the oldest places to purchase shoe bots. They started a long time ago with twitter sales. The method was very simple where they would tweet the bot they are selling, the price, and would require their followers to retweet the tweet and DM to claim the bot. After some time, this marketplace had evolved into something truly revolutionary. They were the first online marketplace that had official access and partnerships with several bots to transfer ownership from one person to another. They would be able to do this with official API access to each bots authentication system so when a buyer purchases a bot they would get a new key and full ownership as if it came from the bots themselves! This has become a very common practice that many marketplaces also now have such as Tidal Market, Botmart, and Whop.


Botmart is one of the oldest and largest discord marketplaces. At the time of this article, they are nearing roughly 200k members and growing at a great rate. The way their discord marketplace works is very similar to Tidal Market. They have dedicated channels where buyers, sellers, and renters can post their listings for specific bots. Once the seller has found a buyer for their sneaker bots or cook groups, then they can open a ticket where a middleman will handle their transaction. Both BotMart and Tidal Market work the same one. Some people have their preferences on which one they prefer to use. In addition to their discord marketplace, they also have a rental site and a bot buying site. The rental site is similar to the Tidal rental site, while their bot buying site is similar to Bot Brokers.

Whop IO

Whop is a unique marketplace that allows you to be able to buy and rent shoe bots all in one place. In addition to those great features, they also allow you to be able to buy sneaker proxies, sneaker servers, and many types accounts of accounts, such as Gmails! Whop is an online marketplace but they do have a discord where you can get support and give feedback/suggestions on how they can improve. Whop is less than a year old but they have been making significant improvements with their features. They do have slightly higher fees which start at 25% while other marketplaces such as tidal charge much less. However, the service that you get is good and many people have a positive review of them. Not only are they developing features within the sneaker community, but they are also trying to get involved within the NFT community as well!



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