What Is The Difference Between Different Sneaker Proxies?

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When you are botting a release, one of the things that can make or break you is your proxies. Depending on what site you are botting will determine what kind of proxies you need to use. There are three main types of proxies you need to use. These three are Residential proxies, Datacenter proxies, and ISP proxies. They all have their pros and their cons. Within this article, we will be going through what you should be using.

Why are there different types of proxies?

Each type of proxy has its upsides and downfalls. The differences that each type of proxy has can make or break you. The reason you are botting for a drop is to have success, so you want to make sure what you are using works. Things you want to consider when buying proxies are how fast you want them to be, how many you need, what site are you going to be botting, and how much you want to spend. These key points are what will determine what you will end up buying.

Are residential proxies right for me?

Residential proxies are one of the most popular proxies when it comes to sneaker botting as well as botting for flips such as sports cards, consoles, and other random items. The reason they are so popular is because of the way they are priced and their effectiveness. When you purchase residential proxies, you purchase them with a certain amount of bandwidth that you are allowed to use. With that being said, you can generate as many IPs as you want. This allows for many botters to be able to scale their setups to be able to run as many tasks as you want. Once you run out of data then your proxies will die out and you can't use them again until you purchase more data. A great example of this is with many mobile carriers. They allow you to use a certain number of gigabits a month and then they cut you off if you go over or make you pay for the extra data. This is the same concept as residential proxies. Another great benefit of these proxies is that they will work typically on every site you would need. They work great on Yeezy Supply, Walmart, Best Buy, and even many Shopify sites. You may be asking yourself, “why doesn’t everyone just use these then?” The reason for this is that they are your slowest proxy type. Typically, when you purchase residential proxies, you purchase them for an entire region so your ping will be much slower than the other two types of proxies mentioned below. These regions could be as large as an entire country. The good news is that many sites' speed isn’t the main concern. For example, when you are using a shoe bot on Yeezy supply, you don’t need fast proxies because there is a queue. However, if you want to bot sites such as Supreme New York or Palace Skateboards, then you do need speed because these products often sell out within seconds. The last benefit of Residential proxies when botting is that most providers offer two types of residential proxies. These can be considered static proxies or rotating proxies. Rotating residential proxies allow for the IP you are using to change every second, while static residential proxies IPs never change unless you generate a new list!

Are ISP proxies right for me?

Internet service provider proxies, also known as ISP proxies, are the second most popular type of proxies. These proxies are popular because they give you the same benefits as Residential proxies but they are much faster. You can use them on almost every site, and their ping is very fast. When you purchase these types of proxies, you purchase them for a specific location. The most popular location for ISP proxies is Ashburn VA because many sites are hosted here. This allows your ping to be close to 0 so you have the best chances of copping the item you want. The reason why these proxies work on almost every site is because the site that you are botting will read your information as if it was coming from a mobile provider. Some of the most popular ISP providers are Sprint, Verizon, Comcast, and many others. With all these benefits, there must be a downfall, right? There is! The downfall to using these proxies is two things. The price of these is much more than residential proxies, and you have to purchase a certain amount. ISP proxies are not like residential proxies where you purchase data and you can generate as many IPs as you want. When you purchase ISP proxies, you are purchasing a certain amount such as 10, 15 , 25, or more IPs but there is no data trackage. When using these proxies, it costs much more to run in a large scale compared to residential proxies.

Are Datacenter proxies right for me?

Datacenter proxies are the cheapest and fastest proxies you can purchase. They are widely available as well. You can generate your own from providers such as Google Cloud, or Amazon web service (AWS) for a few cents per hour per proxy. There are many generators such as the one Tidal Marketplace provides for free to everyone. These generators allow you to generate these IPs in bulk and allow you to destroy them in bulk as well.

If datacenter proxies are the fastest and cheapest proxies you can get then why doesn’t everyone use them? On most sites, you will be botting has these types of proxies banned. That means that you will never be able to check out a product with these. You rarely want to use these proxies. In 2018 leading towards the end of 2019, these were the most popular sneaker proxies you could buy. People used these proxies on almost every site until many sites such as Supreme New York, Shopify, Yeezy Supply and many others banned them all.



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