What Is a Cook Group?

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What is a cook group? Well, a cook group is any type of group that has a goal of making members money. This goal is reached by helping members attain different types of items like sneakers, vinyls, Funko Pops, sports cards, NFTs, and other collectibles. Cook groups utilize monitors for different sites to ping any restocks or releases for hyped products that have resell. Depending on the cook group, will usually depend on what items they provide information and monitors for. Picking a cook group is as simple as finding what types of products you are looking for, finding the right monthly price you’re willing to pay, and finding a group that has a good team to help you secure the most profits possible. What makes a group stand out is the interaction the team from the cook group supplies

So, what should you look for in a cook group?


The first thing to look for in a cook group is what kind of support and communication the group provides. It’s really important to find a group that provides helpful guides, communication before and after releases, and support. What makes a great cook group versus an okay cook group is the staff. If the staff are not available to help you learn and grow your reselling business, then it’s probably not a good group to stay in. Find a group that provides more than just release information. Find a group that provides good support and communication before, during, and after releases. Also, find a group that is well diversified in the type of profitable flips they provide.


The second thing to look for in a cook group is what products the group specializes in. Let’s say you are a big Funko or sports card collector or reseller, then find a group that has good staff providing info about these releases. Similarly, if you like Jordans and Yeezys, you’ll want to find a group that provides the most release information and monitors for these releases. Almost all cook groups will cover the common sites and releases. What you want to find is a group that specializes in sites and content that not everyone else has.


The third thing you want to look for in a cook group is the price. While most groups charge around the $30-50 range per month, there are some that charge a premium. Not all cheaper groups lack the value of the higher premium groups and in the same way, not all premium priced groups provide the info worth their value either. Keep in mind that it is not hard to pay off your monthly membership price and some from what the group will provide.


A fourth thing to look for in a cook group is what kind of partnerships they have. While you don’t need to bot to make money reselling, it definitely helps. A good cook group will have multiple different partnerships with different types of bots as well as proxy and server companies. Find a group that is well connected and can help optimize your profits.

What kind of resources do cook groups provide?

Release Information

Cook groups will consist of three main ingredients. This includes release information on what will profit the reseller and how much, monitors to show when stock is live and is restocking, and support. Release information is what let’s you as a reseller know what to buy versus not. Some shoes, NFTs, collectibles, etc. will have really good resell and some won’t. Even if that same brand of shoe has resold for profit before, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will again. Release information helps you know when to schedule your week to be on at what times. It also helps you know which items to prioritize. Release information is usually posted a few days or the day before a big release. This information will be posted by experts in the specific field of reselling, whether that’s shoes, sports cards, NFTs, or vinyls. It’s important to have a cook group with good release information. If posts in a cook group are lacking expertise or are posted in an inadequate amount of time, it’s probably a good idea to find a different group.


The second main thing that cook groups provide is monitors. Monitors are used to show whenever an item is loaded or live on a certain website. For example, Target will load sports and Pokémon cards about 30-60 minutes before the monitor will ping a second time when the items are live and available for purchase. Good monitors are what makes a good cook group. A mediocre versus great cook group will have monitors for all big sites that have resalable items and will be constantly adding and adapting sites they monitor. With these types of items that resell and go out of stock in seconds, good monitors are what can help you secure your profits.


The third that that cook groups provide is support. Whether you’re a new or old reseller, everyone can improve their grind. If you’re new, you’ll need help knowing what types of tools people use to checkout items faster, keep tracking of their profits, how to make shipping labels, etc. If you’re a more experienced reseller, you’ll still need to grow in knowledge of new markets. An example of this is sports cards and NFTs. While the majority of cook groups focused mainly on shoes and apparel, cook groups are now focusing on new markets. A good cook group will provide you with good resources and information for whatever kind of questions you have. It’s important to find a group that will give you the tools you need to continue making profits and to help increase your reselling expertise.

Ending Words

I hope that this article has been helpful for you wherever you are in your reselling journey. I’ve discussed what cook groups are, what you should look for in a cook group, and what makes a good versus okay cook group. If you’re looking for a good cook group, I highly recommend @acookgroup, also known as Tsunami).

Tsunami is a cook group that fits the criteria that a good cook group should have. It has multiple support moderators, has fast and sufficient monitors that continue to improve, has various types of reselling information, and helpful staff. The group provides you with weekly sneaker releases, collectibles like sports cards, Funko Pops, and art, as well as information about where to secure consoles, and more. The group costs $50 a month and also includes a separate server for NFTs and day trading. Whether you’re new to reselling or are experienced, there are plenty of different channels and resources available to help you succeed.

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