The Best Sneaker Bots For Shopify

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With many Shopify sites dropping hyped sneakers, having a bot in your arsenal that can help you grab some is very important.

These bots all range in price and performance. There is no best bot for any person, each person has a different price range, sites they want for a bot, and other factors. This article is focusing on just the shopify performance of each bot.

Sole AIO

Sole AIO is the cheapest bot on this list, at <$1000, currently around $800. It has had very good success recently, after implementing its hCaptcha AI, automatically solving the question and image matching on sites like Kith, and taking almost 100% of stock on the Yeezy Foam Runner drop.

Even without the new AI, Sole is known as one of the most consistent and top Shopify bots you can have. There are rumors that hCaptcha is being taken off of Shopify because of the recent event on Kith. Bots will adapt, and Sole’s consistent module will still hit regardless.

As a side note, Sole devs have said that a ReCaptcha v2 AI is in the works, which is something to look out for and something that could change the game.

For the price, Sole is one of, if not the best Shopify bot you can have.


Balko is currently considered to be the best Shopify bot by many people in the botting community. It has been around for a long time and consistently hits, no matter how low the stock. It is currently upwards of $2700.

Many botters use this as their main bot for every Shopify drop there is, as it will always see success, and consistently sees more than any other bot on Shopify, even with a lower user count.

While they haven’t implemented a large-scale hCaptcha AI, they have one being released soon, in case sites still use hCaptcha in the future.

Balko also is very great with restocks and frequently takes a lot or all of the stock on ShoePalace and ShopNiceKicks restocks.

Even with its higher price tag, the Shopify performance for Balko is arguably the best of any bot, making it great to have in your arsenal if you can afford it.


CyberSole has also been around for a long time and sees great success on their shopify module, even though it is not completely the main focus of their bot.

With a much higher price tag, at around $6000 at the time of writing, Cyber’s performance on Shopify does not completely reflect that price, and you should only purchase Cyber if you want it for the other modules.


Wrath has recently been seeing great success on Shopify as well as many other sites it supports.

Recently they have tweeted about taking stock on a number of low stock ShoePalace releases, and have shown interest in continuing to improve their Shopify module.

However, if you are buying a bot only for Shopify, Wrath is not your bot. They have great performance on sites other than Shopify, which means Shopify is not their main focus. Consider it almost equal in Shopify performance to Cyber.

Wrath is also the most expensive bot on the list in the $6000’s. This is also because of the good performance it has on other sites.

While these might sound like con’s, if you want a great all-in-one bot, Wrath might be your bot.

Zephyr AIO

I know, you might be going, “Zephyr AIO?”

Zephyr is a bot in beta owned by the same people as Zephyr monitors. This is important because Zephyr’s specialty is 24/7 restock mode.

Restocks on Shopify are completely random, and very low stock. However, if you are at your computer and can start at the right time, you might be able to hit.

Zephyr allows users to run keywords that automatically create and start tasks when monitors ping. This is a great advancement and allows users to run 24/7 waiting for restocks.

ZephyrAIO is currently in beta.

Honorable Mentions


NSB, or NikeShoeBot is a bot that you can always purchase. This means it has an incredibly large userbase. It does, however, have modules that sometimes perform.

Because you can always purchase NSB and it is cheap, $500 a year, and less with a groupbuy, it makes it an appealing option to a beginner.

NSB will always get some amount of checkouts on each release and its Shopify module is definitely solid, however, you won’t see the same performance as the other bots that were listed above.

This is a great cheap option for a user looking for a bot that isn’t exclusively shopify.


Mek’s shopify module has always been alright, but hasn’t been able to compete with other bots until recently.

On a recent release, Mek cooked! Mek is around $2300 and has a solid YeezySupply module, and solid other site modules. This is the main reason for its price.

Their Shopify module did well for one release, and may continue doing alright, but don’t expect numbers like Balko or Sole.

Again, Mek has a solid module that might be slept on, but you shouldn’t get this bot for solely their Shopify. However, if you want it for other reasons, this is a great plus.

Best Setup

Currently, the best possible setup for Shopify you can have is Balko for the initial drop, as well as Balko or ZephyrAIO for restocks. However, Sole can replace Balko in some cases.

Balko is more consistent, but Sole often cooks and sees similar numbers. Comparing the prices, you can decide what is a better option for you.

ZephyrAIO and Balko also hit restocks most often. Shopify restocks are slept on and can be a great way to hit shoes if you are at your computer.

Final Notes

Currently hCaptcha AI’s are all the rage, but I would advise to not buy a bot solely because of their hCaptcha AI. There is a high chance that these become useless when Shopify changes their bot protection.

This happens often with Shopify and can render some bots useless for releases. However, most bots can adapt quickly.

All of these bots have pro’s and con’s and there is not one “best bot” on the list, all of these bots are viable options and it depends on the user.



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