Should You Use a Sneaker bot? The PROS & CONS of Using Sneaker Bots!

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What is a sneaker bot?

There are many types of sneaker bots and depending on what sites you are looking to cop a pair of shoes from will determine which one you will want to choose from. However, in order to understand which sneaker bot you should use, you will need to understand what it is!

A sneaker bot is software that is created to automate the checkout process for many popular sites. Imagine there is a release coming up on Nike but you can only enter one at a time due to a time constant or you don't have other devices to enter on. This is where these bots come into play. If you were able to get your hands on a copy of a Nike bot, such as uSNKRS or Project Enigma, this would allow you to enter hundreds of entries automatically on every release. Doing this does not guarantee your success on these releases but it significantly increases your chances of having success. Think about it this way, would you rather enter that release with one entry or enter the same release with 300 entries?

The common ratio is roughly 25 entries per win, however, this isn't always the rule due to the hype of the release and the stock offered! Although this example for Nike is unique because they are one of the few sites that release an app in the style that they do. So let's continue to describe the many types of sneaker bots and their PROS and CONS!

What are all the different types of sneaker bots?

There are many types of sneaker bots. There are some as described above that work on and on the SNKRS app. While there are others that work on other sites that are hosted on Shopify! When purchasing a bot you want to understand what type of releases you are going to go for because this will determine which software you need to purchase!

Some of the software focus on only specific sites while others focus on product types. For example, you can purchase a shoe bot that focuses on the main sites that release a lot of shoes. On the other end of the spectrum, there are other bots that focus on collectibles and retail sites. These collectible/retail bots are software that supports many of the popular common sites such as Walmart, Target, Amazon, and similar!

Although most of the bots you are going to find will support only a few similar sites, there are others that will support a diverse selection of sites. These bots are called AIO bots, which stand for All-In-One. These bots can be thought of as WrathAIO, Nike Shoe Bot, or MEKAIO. This software hosts a wide variety of sites so users like yourself don't need to opt into purchasing many different software to keep up with the releases they want. For example, all the bots described above support Shopify sites, Nike, Supreme, and many others! Although these are not all of the AIO software, these are some of the most popular ones out of the handful of good ones!

What are the PROS of using a sneaker bot?

There are many PROS and CONS to sneaker botting and depending on your interest level then using one of these types of software may be beneficial or not!

Some of the PROS of using a sneaker bot:

• Ability to create hundreds to thousands of tasks to enter and check out the item you desire quicker than a human can check out one!

• Solves CAPTCHA automatically

• Uses proxies so that every checkout you have are completely unlinked, which will result in fewer cancellations!

• Allows you to scale your reselling business/hobby to earn extra cash on top of the shoes you are copping for a person!

What are the CONS of using a sneaker bot?

As much as the PROS of using these types of software may seem like a no-brainer. There are many other aspects that go into using them. Being as informed as possible will lead you to have a positive experience and that's what we intend to do!

Some of the CONS of using a sneaker bot:

• Majority of these software have renewal fees that can quickly add up if you are not using them.

• In addition to the renewal fees, many of these bots may have a high entry fee or be simply out of stock!

• Depending on the site, you may need proxies or accounts which will cost money! If you are looking to scale up your botting experience then these costs add up!

• When you are going for a release with software, your success is not guaranteed and any money you invested in the bot, proxies, and/or accounts would be a loss unless it can be reused at a future date. Depending on the proxies you use, you may not be able to reuse them. Take a look at our blog on everything you need to know about sneaker proxies to learn about the different types!

There's a way to reduce these CONS!!

There are rental platforms that allow you to use these bots for a certain period of time. These are owners of these bots renting these out to allow you to use them. When you choose a platform, such as Tidal Rentals, they ensure that you have access to the product you paid for and can access it. When you use a site like Tidal, you can pay as little as $5 a day to get access to these bots that often cost hundreds to thousands of dollars!! It sounds unbelievable but it's actually true thanks to the amazing rental platform Tidal has created.

Best Rental platforms: Tidal market:


Cop Supply:

If you are someone who is a beginner or have never used a shoe bot then you should look into one of the rental platforms above and learn the basics before you dump money into owning a sneaker bot! Are you still wondering what you should do? Check out our discord which has over 106k members that are into sneaker botting!




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