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Shopify is a hosting site that different companies use to run their businesses on. It is commonly botted and is very difficult to hit manually. Some things you need to know about Shopify is that there are no cart holds, and they do have bot protection depending on how much the company spends on their Shopify site.

Some examples of shopify sites would include Kith, ShopNiceKicks, ShoePalace, and Undefeated.

Sites like Undefeated require accounts to check out, which most, if not all bots support integration for.

Bot Protection

Depending on how much the company wants to spend on their site, they can have bot protection. Most sneaker sites do have this. The bot protection is in the form of captchas, most commonly checkpoint and checkout captcha. hCaptchas are also used on some sites like Kith, although some bots have implemented an AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help with these.

Checkpoint and Checkout Captchas

These Captchas are Recaptcha v2 and you need a good gmail with a good score to solve these quickly. If you have a low rated gmail or a bad proxy in your solver you might get a fading captcha, where the images slowly fade out and take a long time to solve.

hCaptcha and hCaptcha AI

hCaptchas are commonly used on sites like Kith, and ask a question and then give you images to match. An hCaptcha AI solves both of these automatically, allows you to run more tasks, and greatly increases speeds of checkout. Sole AIO has implemented one that had great success on Kith, and other bots like Balko and Wrath also have one.

An important thing to note about hCaptcha’s are that your gmail rating does not affect the captcha you get.


When running shopify, having the right proxies plays a big part. When running, you always want to have 1-2 tasks on localhost (no proxy) because it will be faster than any proxy. Don’t have too many on local though, or you’ll get it banned.

ISP proxies are by far the best for Shopify, as they are faster than residential and don’t get banned as easily as DC’s.

Common Modes

When botting shopify, there is one main thing you need to keep in mind to decide what mode to use. If the site does not have a password page, you should use a preload mode.

Preload is where a product is added to the cart and removed during checkout to bypass the queue after adding the actual product to the cart.

If the site does have a password page, you’ll want to use the standard autocheckout mode for most bots. Each bot will have a specific guide to reference.


The delays for shopify are not strict, many users find success on a variety of delays. You do not want to go too low or you can potentially ban your proxies. The most common strategy for delays on shopify is to start your tasks a few minutes before the drop time. Depending on how harsh the queue is, this might be eight minutes before or two minutes before. Then, lower your delays in increments until around thirty seconds before the drop, when you lower then to your final delay.

This final delay can be anywhere from 1500-4000ms depending on the site, and the user.


One of the least utilized parts of botting shopify is restocks. Restocks require users to be present at their computer, and is usually why not a lot of people utilize this as a way to hit, and make money. The most common sites to restock are ShoePalace and ShopNiceKicks, however a lot of shopify sites do.

The strategy to hitting restocks on shopify is to already have tasks made, or if you don’t, make them when the checkpoint goes up. This is basically when the site enables its bot protection. This will also enable a captcha that has to be solved.

You want to start your tasks when the checkpoint goes up, even if you don’t know what is dropping, and solve the captcha. This will allow your tasks to go right to checking out when the actual product drops. Once the stock is released, you can either hope that one of the shoes you were running restocks or mass link or variant change to that shoe.

Top Bots

If you want to have a good chance at hitting on a shopify site, you’ll need a bot that can perform. Some bots have very consistent performance, and these are some of the top bots that have proven themselves. There are certainly more that you can hit with, but these are the main. Here's a link to what we think are the best shopify bots

Sole AIO- A top shopify bot that consistently sees results and recently destroyed a Kith foam runner release using their hCaptcha AI. On the cheaper end.

Balko- Arguably the best shopify bot available, always sees performance on even the smallest of restocks.

Wrath- Took all 12 of ShoePalace’s stock for a recent release, has a consistent shopify module that always manages to see success.

Cyber- Consistent Shopify bot, on the more expensive end with Wrath. Has more success over a period of time than Wrath for Shopify.

Final Notes

Shopify botting is a great option for any reseller, although sometimes it can be difficult to hit multiple pairs. There are lots of options for bots, and a perfect setup is key.



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