7 Chunky Sneakers You NEED In Your Life

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Today, we bring you an article that is inspired by a trend that has swept across the world. Recently, wearing Chunky trainers (some may call these obnoxious but trust me, they’re fashion) has become a trend that has swept across social media and subsequently, has been adopted by people all around the world. The ‘influencers’ that started wearing chunky sneakers can be credited with starting this new trend. In light of this, I bring you an article that sums up the best chunky sneakers in my humble opinion. As always, this list is not complete and only caters to my personal views on the best sneakers. If you think that there are any that I missed off this list, please let me know.

Balenciaga Triple S

It would be a sin to not start off with the OG ‘chunky’ sneaker, the Balenciaga Triple S. As many of you probably know, this shoe created some waves in the fashion world when it was originally debuted in the Paris Fashion Show of January 2017. Many people were split on their verdicts about their shoe – it was a love it or hate it sort of situation. Personally, I lean more towards the ‘love it’ category rather than the hate it category. I think the silhouette of the Triple S was revolutionary and innovative and stood out from the crowd of shoes that all look like each other. The S in Triple S actually stands for sole – as you can probably work out, Triple S implies that the shoe has three soles which almost integrate into each other. The platform of the shoe actually measures out to be 6.5 cm (which contributes to its chunky look) which helped in the appeal of the shoe, especially for those who want to be a bit taller. The platform, combined with the sheer size of the shoe, is what led to it being called chunky by many sneakerheads and it’s hard to disagree. The Balenciaga Triple S starts form £695($900) but the price of the shoe varies on the gender you are buying for and the colourway. Overall, if you are looking for a chunky sneaker and have the budget for it, the Triple S would definitely not be a bad choice (debatable if it is the best choice!).

Versace Chain Reaction

The Versace Chain Reaction is another chunky sneaker by a high end sneaker brand, originally released in April of 2018. The sneaker sells for £770($1000) starting off – even higher than the Balenciaga Triple S – but I guess this comes from the brand name of Versace. The ‘chain’ from the Versace Chain Reaction comes from the sole of the shoe; if you have a look at images (or at the shoe), you’ll realise that the sole of the shoe is shaped like a chain. On the listing of the shoe, Versace says that the design inspiration for the sole is a chain. On the upper of the shoe, more of the Greek design inspirations that characterise the Versace brand are visible – the upper of the shoe is actually made from a blend of mesh and high quality leather that features a few design features. Let’s get onto what makes the shoe chunky; as with most of the shoes on this list, the size of the sole of a shoe is actually what makes it look chunky. In addition to this, what makes the shoes look chunky is actually the size of the shoe – what I mean by size is the width and length of the shoe and how big it looks on feet. With the Chain Reaction sneaker, it combines both of these – it has a large platform and looks big when you wear it. The Versace Chain Reaction didn’t create the impact on the sneaker world and didn’t actually reach the levels of popularity when compared to the Balenciaga Triple S. Therefore, if you’re looking for a high end sneaker that isn’t ‘over worn’ or can be considered an underdog, look no further but be prepared to spend a pretty penny.

Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers

The Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers state they are chunky in the title – oversized translates to chunky in my dictionary. With confidence, I can almost guarantee that you have seen this sneaker before, especially if you live in England. This sneaker has almost become a regional favourite and these are very common to see in England, where I live myself. While these shoes don’t look as big as they are on feet (in images, they look pretty tame), the platform of this shoe contributes to their chunky look. The white calf leather that adorns the upper of the shoe is of the highest quality and this contributes to the hefty price tag of £360($475). When compared to the other sneakers on this list, the oversized sneakers by Alexander McQueen are quite minimalist (if chunky sneakers can be called minimalist!) but there are certain colourways that definitely pop out. Overall, these sneakers by late designer Alexander McQueen are a great example of a chunky sneaker – they have superior build quality and design and don’t cost as much as the first two sneakers on this list.

Nike Vapormax range

The Nike Vapormax Range features a variety of shoes but 2 pairs from the line up stand out to me as being chunky – the Nike Air Vapormax 360 and the Vapormax Evo. The Vapormax 360 is inspired by the original Nike Air Max 360 and according to Nike, it gives off 2000s vibes – I am inclined to agree personally. The shoe features a full length foam midsole and Vapormax air unit which provides remarkable comfort but also provides the chunkiness which makes it stand out from the rest of the Vapormax range. I haven’t had the chance to look at these shoes in person but looking at pictures, it is evident that these shoes are chunky. Unlike the Balenciaga Triple S and the Versace Chain Reaction, the Vapormax 360s can’t be called big – they cater to the shape of your feet and almost hug your feet. However, the chunkiness of the shoe comes from the huge platform of the shoe that is actually see through. Compared to the other sneakers on this list, the Nike Vapormax 360s are actually pretty affordable but I say that with some reservations (what we think is affordable may be extortionate for others) – they are going for £250($330) on the FarFetch website but I’m sure they are available for cheaper at stores like Footlocker or JD sports.

The Nike Vapormax Evo is another chunky sneaker that will be perfect for you if you are looking to buy a pair of chunky sneakers and not completely break the bank. Nike says that the Vapormax Evo is a mesh of the greatest hits from Nike, including the Air Max 90, 93, 96 Plus and 180 Plus. They say that the Evo takes style inspirations from all these shoes and blends them into one great looking sneaker. Personally, I am a fan of the way the Nike Vapormax Evo looks – I think that it works perfectly as a casual/lifestyle sneaker that is also in line with the chunky sneaker trend. The Vapormax Evo retails for £200($260) which isn’t too bad considering the Chain Reactions by Versace go for £770($1000). Overall, the Nike Vapormax Evo’s are perfect if you’re looking for a chunky sneaker – currently, they’re selling for £160($200) on sale (on a variety of websites) so move quickly if you’re interested!

Adidas Ozweego

The Adidas Ozweego is the cheapest sneaker on this list - they retail for a mere £90($120) so they are perfect for those of you who want to stay trendy but don’t want to damage your bank balance too much. Adidas say that the Ozweego (bit of a mouthful as a name) takes inspirations from the 1990s – the inspirations can be seen in the funky designs and colourways available. The upper of the shoe is made from a mix of materials include mesh, TPU and suede and the sole of the shoe features Adiprene cushioning – this form of cushioning is not as good as the top of the line Boost cushioning but it certainly does the trick. While these shoes don’t have the biggest platform, they are still quite chunky – I think rather than the size, it is the shape of the shoe which contributes to the chunky look of these shoes. They look quite wide but when you slip them on, they still hug your feet which makes the Adidas Ozweego’s very comfortable. The Ozweego comes in 15 colourways which features unique colourways like hazy green/hazy green/cream white and the traditional colourways like black/black/black and white/white/white. Overall, the Ozweego is the perfect chunky sneaker if you’re looking to stay trendy on a budget.

Amiri Bone Runner

Amiri is not a brand that is known for its shoes - they’re most popular item, by far, is the jeans that they sell. Amiri jeans get a shout out in almost every rap song nowadays – for example, in his hit single Rapstar, Polo G says ‘My pants Amiri, yes, I’m winning clearly’. Another example by the late Pop Smoke is ‘Amiri the denims, don’t ask what it cost though’. Clearly, it can be seen that the ‘denims’ by Amiri are their most popular product but they have been experimenting with shoes as well. The Amiri Bone Runners are said to have taken inspiration from vintage athletic styles and this is visible in the sleek shape of the shoe. They have skeleton leather appliqués patched onto the shoe and have a vulcanised rubber sole too. Personally, the appliquéd leather is not for me – I think they are just out of place, but I can see the appeal of them at the same time. The Bone Runners have a large platform but there shape is more sleek than chunky – it is definitely the sole of the shoe that makes them look chunky rather than their silhouette. Overall, if you’re trying to experiment with a new brand and try something new out, the Amiri Bone Runners may be for you; these seem like the kind of shoes that you will get compliments on and people will ask you what brand they are from because it isn’t clear from the outset.

Alexander McQueen Tread Slick High Top Sneakers

Now, these are the only shoes which can be described as ‘chunky’ universally – when I say they are chunky, they are really, really chunky. Just have a look at the image above and try to convince me they aren’t chunky. These shoes meet both the criteria that we set out earlier for chunky shoes– they have a huge platform and they are big in terms of the silhouette too. Personally, I think Alexander McQueen has made these shoes with the vertically challenged in mind – these shoes can easily boost you at least 10 centimetres which makes a hell of a difference in real life. These shoes can be describes as hybrids because they feature the silhouette usually seen on boots like the traditional 6-inch boot by Timberland but have the lace up style that is usually seen on sneakers. While they are minimalistic in terms of the design (no vivid colours or obnoxious branding), they are certainly imposing in terms of size. Overall, if you’re looking for the ultimate chunky sneaker, look no further. These shoes sell for £590($775) on websites like FarFetch which does mean they will set you back quite an amount.

That brings this list to an end – I hope you found it informative and fun to read (I do try my best!). Please share this article forward if you think it is worthwhile. As stated in the introduction, please let me know if you think there are any sneakers that I missed off this list. Thanks for reading!



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