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Though the overall goal of a sneaker bot is to maintain the constant stream of success to its users, Prism has been making waves in the water ever since being announced in 2018. With regular updates and some of the best support seen in the industry, they stay leading in the sneaker bot scoreboard. Still, with their continuous success, they see a loyal user base along with many in the public who are eager to get their hands on this coveted piece of sneaker software.

When first opening up Prism AIO, the most eye-catching part is the elegant yet straightforward UI design. Prism is one of the bots with the sleekest and smooth UI experiences. On the front page, users are welcomed with a beautiful welcome page. The front page also shows a graph with checkouts, total dollars in USD spent in a day, week, and month time frame, along with the total number of checkout failures. In the top right, it has a small calendar that shows all of the drops, sites, and prices. Users can click on the pictures on the calendar and instantly make tasks. Finally, in the bottom right, the bot shows the most recent checkouts that the bot has completed for the user. Along with this in the info, it shows the detailed checkout info. This info includes; image, size, product name, size, time, date, and order number.

When pushing more in-depth into the sneaker bot itself, users can see the full site list that it supports, which are:

ShopifySmaller Individual SitesFoot sites (Footlocker, champs sports, East Bay, and Footaction)Supreme New YorkWalmartYeezy Supply

When looking at the bot itself, users are welcomed with the overall task creation page. In this section of the software, you can control the bot itself. Here you can manage your "Task Groups" in these groups. The user can manage the sites the software is running for and which profiles the user intends to use. Also shown is the total number of tasks running on each group, the total of "carted" items when running, and finally, success and failure within the task group. When looking deeper into task groups, there are buttons to control the captchas, product IDs, Proxy lists, Delays, and task scheduling if you are away from the computer.

In the billing, users can set up billing profiles that will be used with the bots tasks. When making tasks on the billing page, it will show the first and last name on the profile, the profile name, and the last four digits of the card. All this info ensures that users can quickly take note of the profiles primary information without clicking into each profile.

In the settings, it gives the option to precisely change the bot to make a unique experience on each different copy of the software. Here users can set up webhooks, site options, specific size groups, shipping rates for websites, accounts for websites, and captcha harvesters.

As with every single bot, one of the features that make or break the bot is the support team. With Prism All in One, they have some of the most outstanding support around. Prism users can get in touch with support through the online site. On the site, they can message through the site to instantly contact the Prism team.

When Comparing the Prism to the current competition on the market, it ranks close to the top. With the easy to grasp UI, combined with the success rate and top-tier support, it makes a perfect companion to anyone looking to enter into the sneaker market.


Supports: Shopify, Supreme New York, Footsites

OS: MAC + Windows

Retail: $500.00Renew: $150.00 Every Three Months

Twitter: @PrismAIO

Authentication system: Unbindable



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