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Panini NFTs have been a big hit so far for Prizm. Their Prizm releases have included a red and green debut pack, a silver prizm pack, a Net Marvels pack, and they have more on the way. Some of these NFT cards have sold for big money.

So how does buying/selling work?


You can buy packs or buy individual NFT cards. Packs have been really hard to checkout because of how the site fries upon hyped releases. The most effective way to checkout has been by logging into your phone app prior to the release, to checkout as soon as the product goes live. Using desktop has been hit or miss, but even the app sometimes has problems. The princes on the different packs vary as well as the quantity limit. You can checkout with your account using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. You can have your payment method/address already set in your wallet to speed up checkouts.

You can find the auctions for sale here:

You can find your bids here:


You can sell packs directly through the App/Desktops auction or buy it now function on your blockchain account. Panini’s “Blockchain” runs through their platform that pays out through PayPal. There is a sliding scale of fees depending on the total price each NFT card sells for.

Auction Service Fees: $0.01 to $5,000 10% $5,000 to 10,000 7.5% $10,000 to $50,000 5% $50,000+ 2.5%

If the winner of the auction's payment is declined, sadly your auction will not sell. You’ll have to relist it. If your auction ends with no bids, you can just relist it. Auctions run for 24 hours. You can also make your collection visible to collectors to place offers on your NFT cards. You can do this by selecting this icon and making your cards visible. You can make your whole collection visible by clicking the eye icon on the entire collection folder. You can not sell packs whole yet, you have to open your packs. This may change in the future.

You can find your cards here:

You can find your auctions here:

You can create an auction here:

*Your cards won’t show up for typically a few hours after the release. Then it’s a few hours before you can list your cards for sale*

Extra Info

These are just like Top Shot, where lower serial numbers and jersey cards seem to have the most value for collectors. If you have low numbers, you can list them for more and see what offers come in. For example, a Ja Silver sold for $200 but my #3/149 sold for $700. You just need to find the right collectors. Troll numbers like 420, 69, the 1st in the set, and last number in the set also sometimes do more value wise.

It is normal for the site to bug out during and after the release. You can expect it to be a few hours to get your packs available to open, and then up to 24 hours to be able to list them after. Typically, it’s just a few hours after you open them before you can list them.

With these NFTs, there is no market value set. I recommend just listing them right away and seeing what you can get for the high before more of the cards increase in the circulation count. It’s just like with Top Shot where value was really high because only like 10% of total of the cards was in circulation. Once more packs released, the value overall went down as more were undercutting the market.



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