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Jordans are one of the most popular shoes; designed by Peter Moore, the Jordans were first introduced to the public on the first of April 1985. They gained popularity due to the GOAT that is Michael Jordan. However, they have become more of a fashion statement than a basketball shoe over the past few years.

The first pair were the Jordan 1’s and the styles of Jordans have reached up to model number 35 now, which are primarily basketball focused shoes. Jordans are made to be used and play basketball in however, over the past decade, Jordans are becoming increasingly harder to get for the general public and more and more pairs are being stowed away to be sold at a later date. This is because Jordans have a trend of rising in prices over some years – this is due to the fact that they are exclusive and released only once (in most cases!). Moreover, Jordans have risen in prices due to the start of sneaker reselling as a business - '‘resellers” use automated bots to buy sneakers within milliseconds and sell these sneakers (that most of the public have not been able to buy) at higher prices on websites like StockX or GOAT which are reselling havens. But, today, I’m here to tell you about how Jordans fit and provide a size guide so your next pair of Jordans will fit you perfectly.

So, how do they fit?

I find most of my Jordans to fit true to size (TTS) - this means that most pairs of Jordans will be the same size as what you normally wear and find comfortable. This is because Jordans follow a similar size chart to other pairs of Nikes (as Jordan is a Nike company); therefore, I would recommend that you should try on a pair of Nikes (if you own them) and see if your normal size is comfortable and fits well. If this is the case, I would recommend that you go TTS and buy the same size as you usually buy. On the other hand, if you prefer your shoes to be a bit looser or tighter, I would recommend going half a size down or up to fit your needs.

Most people opt to go a size up as Jordans have a more relaxed look - you can lace the Jordans up in a different way to fit your needs. If you intend to use your Jordans for their purpose (as basketball shoes), I’d recommend going TTS and then slowly breaking the shoes in until you find them comfortable. Jordans are the perfect shoes to play basketball in as they are supremely comfortable and have good ankle support so you can be sure that you won’t hurt yourself whilst playing in them – well, if they were good enough for the GOAT, they should be good for everyone else as well!

Foot shape matters

Another factor that may play into the size of your shoes is whether you have wide or narrow feet. If you have wide feet, I would recommend going half a size up from your normal size and see how that feels. The best thing would be to go instore and try on a pair of Jordans - if you're looking to buy from a reselling website like StockX or GOAT, go instore and try a pair of Jordans. even if they are not in your colorway. Most of the time, shoes that are available on StockX or GOAT will not be available in store and therefore it will be hard to try on the same pair of shoes as you are looking to buy. Thus, if you are looking to buy a pair of Jordan 4s (for example), I would recommend trying on a pair of Jordan 4s (even if they are a different colorway) to get a feel for them.

If you have narrow feet, I would recommend going half a size down if you prefer a snug fit that will cushion your foot. Personally – I have normal size feet (US 10) - I choose to go half a size down on the Jordans I buy. This is because the toe box feels much nicer and fits better when i go half a size down but initially, they are tight on the sides of my feet so it takes some breaking in to get them comfortable. On the other hand, my friend prefers a bit of breathing room when he wears his shoes so he goes half a size up compared to normal.

Overall, the size that you choose depends on how you like your shoes to fit, other factors like whether you have narrow or small feet and what you want to use the shoes for. For most people, sticking true to size would be the best option but I would recommend going in store and trying the shoes on for your perfect size.



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